My desire to create art comes from my search for the meaning of our existence. I use my artwork as a key to understand others and myself. The most precious thing in my life is the growth process. Art is my guide and mentor....

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

September 11 - Past, Present, Future

I am participating the exhibition curated by Andrea Arroyo

My new work was titled “all things are linked 911": An outline map represents our earth. In the beginning, Earth had no national borders. Folded-paper cranes are symbols of peace and hope. I have placed folded-paper cranes at the positions where the United States has dropped bombs and New York city. The United States is a country of immigrants. The families of American citizens are all over the world.

Exhibit dates: September 12-October 10, 2011

Opening Reception: Monday, September 12, 6-8 pm.

Gallery Hours: Mon–Thurs, 10am–6pm, Sat. 10am-1pm.

Venue: The Grady Alexis Gallery, El Taller Latino Americano,

Address: 2710 Broadway, 3rd fl. New York, NY 10025.

I hope to see you at the opening!

Here is a link to my piece published in El Diario (in Spanish)

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