My desire to create art comes from my search for the meaning of our existence. I use my artwork as a key to understand others and myself. The most precious thing in my life is the growth process. Art is my guide and mentor....

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Spring Workshop

 Paper Intensive

March 26-April 9   Tuesday 3 sessions  6:30-9:30 pm    
$230 members   $270  non-members

This workshop will introduce three different ways to create images on your paper. You will investigate these ancient techniques to find modern applications, experimenting and transforming your prints into new ideas, as well as combining these mediums with your art work. Bring prints and drawings to work with, and discover unlimited ideas from simple preparations and basic techniques.

Suminagashi is a Japanese marbling technique.
Reaction between water and oil will create marbling images. 

Itajime shibori is a shaped-resist technique.
Folding and clamping paper will create patterns by resisting dye. 

Paste Paper is is a was first used in Europe for covers and papers on books.
Applying brushes and hand tools to the surface of a paper that has been coated with thin colored paste.

More information:  Robert Blackburn Printmaking Workshop

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