My desire to create art comes from my search for the meaning of our existence. I use my artwork as a key to understand others and myself. The most precious thing in my life is the growth process. Art is my guide and mentor....

Saturday, September 27, 2014

" Beyond: return to origins"

Ecota Universe aims to turn in Tokyo's Ecota neighborhood into an art town. Citizen and local artists are creating the festival. I am exited to be participating in this project. 

Solo Exhibition "Beyond: return to origins"

Sunday, October 5th - Monday, October 13th  12 pm - 7 pm
Sponsored by Ecota Universe  

Gallery Furutou 
Nerima Sakae 9-16 Tokyo 
(diagonally across from Musashi University main gate )  
TEL 03-3948-5328 

Open Studio   
At the venue, I will make information eggs with newspaper article collages. Audience is welcome to participate. 

Artist Talk:  “My Key”    
Wednesday, October 8th, 3 pm 
“Everybody is born with a key to finding a purpose in their life.” 
Talk about my key project and future projects.
Screening "Yasuyo / Spring 2012, New York" by Yajimachi Satoshi

Performance  "all things are linked"   
Saturday, October 11th, 7 pm 
It will be created by researching the environmental issues in the region and exchanging the information with the local people. This hazmat project is developed as a series by the improvisational movement of the participants, video images, and narration.
(Theme this time is radioactive waste’s final disposal place and radioactive contamination.)
Concept & Director: Tanaka Yasuyo, 
Video & effects: Yajimachi Satoshi 
Narration: Mana Morooka 

The day after the Ecota Universe Art festival ends, I will hold a special preview screening of "The ghosts of Jeju" by Regis Tremblay
October 14th, 6pm art Gallery Furutou.

I will participate in the JEJU peace festival as a volunteer In order to see with my own eyes what I saw in the movie.

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