My desire to create art comes from my search for the meaning of our existence. I use my artwork as a key to understand others and myself. The most precious thing in my life is the growth process. Art is my guide and mentor....

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Under This Sky

Solo Exhibition
Wednesday, October 28th through Monday, November 2nd,
11 AM - 7 PM  (Show closes at 5 PM on last day)

Azabujuban Galley
〒106-0045 Azabujuban 1-7-2  Minato-Ku Tokyo
Azabu Juban Station Toei Subway  Exit 7, Tokyo Metro Nanboku Exit 4
Tel/Fax 03-5411-3900  Email

Opening Reception  Wednesday, October 28th, 6 PM 

“Yasuyo New York Spring 2012”
film by Satoshi Yajimachi

"Beyond Time and Place" Saturday, October 31st, 2 PM  

A collaboration event by American composer and Japanese musicians and filmmakers.

“Desert Star” and ”Fantasia on Koujou no Tsuki”
light shining in darkness.

composed by William Paul Delp
performance by a piacere
performers: Risako Kawasaki - violin, Takashi Arase - violin/viola, Yuri Arai - violin, Akari Yamagishi - viola, Daisuke Iguchi - cello, Mariko Arase - cello

“Manyo Goshiki”
This film was made from 8mm film that became red because of radiation. It was overlapped with Japanese poetry from the Manyo collection and the sorrow of many things in this world.
film by Satoshi Yajimachi
music composed by William Paul Delp

This film compares Shioya town (which became a candidate for final disposal of high-level radioactive waste) and a German town that already has a radioactive waste treatment plant.
film by WasabiChilli Films (Takashi Kunimoto, Renato Vazquez

Artist Talk  Sunday, November 1st,  2PM 

"Possibilities of collaborative teaching"
4 Gettysburg College students who were studying Japanese: Gabriela Lisboa, Harley D. Emmons, Jiangfeng Wang, and Kathryn W. Hanson created handmade books about nuclear issues. It was a collaborative teaching project with Japanese language teacher Miho Nagai and guest artist Yasuyo Tanaka. This artist talk will be about this collaborative teaching project and its discoveries.

*These books will be displayed in the Azabujuban Gallery during this art exhibition


  1. i wish i could see this! best of luck with the exhibition, yoyo, and take good care.

  2. Thank you very much!
    Hope to see you near future.

  3. Thanks dear for sharing the details and the photographs from this Solo Exhibition. It looks very interesting. At some popular convention center I am also going to attend a science Exhibition with my son. You know he wants to become a scientist so he attends all nearby science fests.