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Thursday, March 2, 2017

March Events, "Challenges of Nuclear Waste"

These warm days feel like the beginning of spring.  Every March I remember the Fukushima and Three Mile Island nuclear accidents. Our world is contaminated with radiation. Even in New York, there are high radiation hot spots. The nuclear bomb study started here. Coexistence with radiation is inevitable, we need to learn about and understand radiation.

I will be part of a Fukushima nuclear accident 6th anniversary event entitled “Fukushima & NYC  Challenges of Nuclear Waste”  In my artistic practice, how I express and communicate our social and environmental issues is my theme. A big wave of change is coming. I need to make myself strong so I don't get washed away. Hope to see you at this wonderful, empowering event.

Minamisouma decontamination of radiation area

"Fukushima & NYC Challenges of Nuclear Waste"
March 10
Friday 7PM – 9PM
Goddard Riverside Community Center in New York City 
593 Columbus Avenue, New York, NY 

"Fukushima Remembered"
March 11
Saturday 1:30 - 5:30PM
Peekskill Presbyterian Church in Peekskil 
705 Park Street, Peekskill, NY Tel: 888-474-8848

Dr. Gordon Edwards, a renowned nuclear expert and the president of the Canadian Coalition for Nuclear Responsibility, discusses the risks and challenges with health, safety, environment and other issues associated with nuclear waste management. Come and find out prospects in the decommissioning of the Indian Point nuclear reactors, and more. 

Naoko Suzuki, a Fukushima evacuee, reporting health and housing issues, 6 years after
the nuclear accident. 

Yasuyo Tanaka, a New York-based artist and environmentalist, talks about decontamination of radiation in the disaster areas in Fukushima. 

Fukushima Rememberance Peace Walk  (Saturday only)
Walk with Jun-san and the Peace Walkers. Crane ceremony at the gates of the Indian Point Nuclear Power Station. Potluck dinner, and more.


“Women in the Heights - Disruption”  
March 8 Wednesday-30 Thursday
Gallery hours: Monday through Friday 10-5pm 
Rio II Gallery: 583 Riverside Drive, New York, NY 10031
March 10 Friday
Opening Reception 6-9pm
March 22 Wednesday
Artist Talk 6-8pm.


"Discover Your Collagraph"
March 25 Saturday and 26 Sunday
10:30AM - 2:30PM
The Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts 
323 West 39th Street 2nd Floor NY NY 10018  

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