My desire to create art comes from my search for the meaning of our existence. I use my artwork as a key to understand others and myself. The most precious thing in my life is the growth process. Art is my guide and mentor....

Sunday, December 30, 2012

" Regeneration: Listen to the Voice of the Dawn"

My solo show "Regeneration: Listen to the Voice of the Dawn" was held at the Azabujuban Gallery in Tokyo, Japan from October 17th to October 29th, 2012.  In this show, I exhibited early work on the theme of keys and recent work connected to the September 11th attacks and the March 11th earthquake in Japan. I went to the gallery every day and talked with as many people as possible. Therefore, a number of challenges were born in this exhibition by interacting with various people.

My hometown, Yaita City, became the first candidate to be the final disposal site for high-level radioactive waste in September. For the duration of my stay in Japan, I was  busy with my show and protests against nuclear power plants and waste treatment facilities. The landscape of my hometown had not changed since I visited Japan two years ago. However, Yaita city has had high radioactivity levels of 0.1 µSv/h. I realized it was very difficult to avoid radiation in daily life. The horror of the situation is that we get used to the radiation exposure and potential radiation dangers in everyday life.

To make visible, the invisible radiation, we need to train our imagination. My most important concern is how to incorporate nuclear issues into my artwork in order to gaze at the nature of the world’s problems.

Japanese art critic, Yasushi Kurabayashi wrote about my work in "Art and the earthquake disaster" in this December’s "Bio City" magazine No. 53. 

Luis Quiros, who is a community organizer, activist, educator, and author of "An Other's Mind " Luis put my poem "Other self" on  Forensic Social Work Webinar


  1. オランダから。タリンでお会いした三好百合子です。9月アムスで話をしたPD Packardさんのサイトをのぞき、やすよさんとお知り合いであると分り、このサイトを見つけることができました。ショック!作品見たかったです。私達は東京にいたんですよ、そのころ!タリンのVirgeも一緒でした。

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